Thanksgiving Pies in Hawaii

Mahalo for considering the Hawaiian Pie Company for your holiday gathering. In anticipation of the busiest pie day of the year, we highly recommend ordering ahead of time to ensure you have the pie(s) that you desire. Whether you will be placing your order online through our website, in person in our shop, or calling us over the phone, please review all the details below prior to ordering as it will help you place your order and ensure that we have all the details we need. 

We will be open from 10am to 3pm on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 28) with a selection of freshly baked pies available for walk-ins. Additionally, most pies are available frozen for you to take home and bake fresh in your own oven. We look forward to seeing you!

-Pie of the Month for November-

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Custard Pie(Available baked only)

-Special Thanksgiving Dates & Hours-

Wednesday, November 20 Last Day to Submit a Pre-order
Saturday, November 23 Last Day to Cancel a Pre-order
Tuesday, November 26 Open 8am to 4pm (Holiday Hours)
Wednesday, November 27
Open 8am to 4pm (Holiday Hours)
Thursday, November 28 (THANKSGIVING DAY)  Open 10am to 3pm
Friday, November 29 Closed
Saturday, November 30  Closed
Tuesday, December 3 Closed
Wednesday, December 4 Closed

Please note we will be closed on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday (the two days AFTER Thanksgiving)…because in full disclosure, we’d like to have a little bit of a rest after the busy Thanksgiving holiday. AND so we can also catch up on all the new Netflix shows that have come out! We will reopen for normal business operations on Thursday, December 5th.

*CUTOFF for pre-orders may occur sooner if we reach capacity.

-Thanksgiving Week Pre-Order Menu-

Only the following pies listed will be available to pre-order for Thanksgiving Week. Most are available for purchase both baked and frozen.

  • Pumpkin Custard (baked only)
  • Hawaiian Passion Pear
  • Apple
  • Banana Foster
  • Blueberry Peach (baked only)
  • Caramel Apple
  • Cherry Crumble (baked only)
  • Pear Peach
  • Pumpkin

-How to Pre-Order for Thanksgiving Week-

  • ONLINE - Visit our Thanksgiving menu page, select the pie(s) you’d like to order, select a pickup day & time that works for you, and pay online [CLICK HERE for THANKSGIVING Pre-Order]
  • IN STORE - Visit us in shop and place your order in person.
  • VIA PHONE - Give us a call and have your order details handy (pies, quantities, pickup date & time, payment info)

What information do you need if I walk in or call in my pre-order?

We kindly ask that you provide the following information:

  • Pies that you want (flavor/s, baked/frozen, quantity desired)
  • Pick-up Date & Pick-up Time
  • Your first and last name
  • Contact information (phone & email)
  • Credit/Debit card to pay for or hold your order

NOTE: We HIGHLY encourage you to place your order online. We will do our best to take orders over the phone, but we do anticipate a high number of calls to our shop and our first priority will be to handle customers that walk in to our bakery. If you are unable to get through, please consider ordering online. We thank you for your understanding.

[ONLINE] Why do I see two pickup locations for your shop at checkout?

While not all pies listed on our full menu are available to pre-order for Thanksgiving Week; they are still available to purchase during the beginning of the month. The 'Hawaiian Pie Company - Pie Shop' should be used for orders during the first half of November (Nov 1-23).

ALL Thanksgiving pre-orders should use the 'Thanksgiving Week Pie Pickup (Nov 26-28)' as the pickup location. Selecting this location will allow you to select a pickup date during Thanksgiving week.

Can I pick up my pre-order on Thanksgiving Day?

Yes. We will be open on Thanksgiving Day and anyone that does place a pre-order will have the option to pick up their order before we open starting at 8am.

Can I pick up my pre-order earlier than the pickup time I selected?

Possibly not. We do our best to ensure that your order will be ready for pick up a little bit before your scheduled pick up time. However, things can get busy and if you come too early we may have to ask that you come back at your scheduled pickup time.

Do I have to pre-pay for my Thanksgiving order?

Yes. Due to the logistical coordination involved as well as the large number of pies allocated for Thanksgiving we must ask for payment beforehand.

Can I CHANGE, CANCEL, or receive a REFUND for my order?

Yes! As long as you notify us before the end of business on Saturday, November 23 (the Saturday before Thanksgiving) you can make changes to your order or even cancel your order. If you paid by credit card, your card will be refunded for the items you are cancelling. If you paid with cash you will receive a voucher(s) to redeem for pie(s) in the future.

After Saturday, November 23 all pre-orders will be locked in and ALL SALES ARE FINAL (no refunds will be given).

What is the last day that I can place a pre-order for Thanksgiving?

Tentatively the deadline for Thanksgiving pre-orders is:


Pies can still be purchased during Thanksgiving Week after the pre-order cut off date, but will be on a walk-in basis only.

What happens if I don’t pick up my order on Thanksgiving Day?

We do our best to follow up with customers who may have forgotten to pick up their order. However, any orders NOT picked up on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28th, will be placed in a different home for Thanksgiving and will not be eligible for  store credit or refund.


-General Info for November-

What FULL SIZE pies will you be offering during November?

Our featured pie of the month is Pumpkin Custard. If you love pumpkin pie or custard pie you should definitely pick one up! However, our most popular flavors (Passion Pear, Caramel Apple, and Pear Peach) will also be available throughout the month as well. As our menu changes and updates weekly, definitely check with us early in the week for what we’re offering.

As this is a busy time for us, our lower stocked pies or other pies not on our Thanksgiving menu may not be available as they sell out as the month goes on. If you’d like a pie that’s not on our Thanksgiving menu for Thanksgiving; many of our pies our available to take home frozen to bake at home. We highly encourage you to pick up these pies frozen sooner rather than later.

What MINI pies will you be offering during November?

Our mini pie menu changes weekly and may even change 2-3 times a week during the month as certain mini pies sell out and different mini pies are restocked. If you’d like to pick up mini pies, please check with us that morning as our menu may change from day to day. If you’d like to place a large order of mini pies (20 or more of one flavor), we encourage you to place an order at least a week in advance.

Will you be offering MINI PIES or SPECIALS during Thanksgiving Week?

For Thanksgiving Week, most people are picking up full size pies for gatherings and celebrations. With that in mind our primary focus on those days will be to make sure that everyone that wants a full size pie can get one. Space in our ovens is limited and on these big holidays we give priority to full size pies. However, if space allows or if we have the time, we will bake mini pies or specials. Long story short, if you see them that day--we have them, if you don’t see them--we don’t have them.

Should I order a pie ahead of time or should I pick one up?

We highly recommend placing an order in advance. We will be baking pies throughout the day during Thanksgiving Week for walk-in customers, but supply will be dependent on what we have on hand when you come in to the shop.

When should I order my pies for Thanksgiving?

Now! Fortune favors the bold. Good things don’t come to those that wait. We highly encourage you to place an order ahead of time so you can get the pies that you want for Thanksgiving Week.

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