Online Ordering Information

Online Ordering (Ahead of Time)

Our menu is split into several menu pages: FULL-SIZE PIESMINI PIES, and SPECIALS (for a specified week) available to pre-order. 

Ordering through our website is for advance orders only and the cut to place an order for the next day is by 4pm the day before pickup (ex: Wednesday afternoon by 4pm for Thursday pickup). 

After you make your item selections, you will have to select a pickup date and time--this is how we will know when to prepare your order. Pickup dates and times only occur during our open hours. 

For our daily specials, please read the item description to see when you can pick up an item. Because of the nature of producing our daily specials, we can only make them on certain days. If you select two different specials that we're making on two separate days, our website will not allow you to proceed since you won't be able to pick up both specials on the same day (you'll have to remove one OR place two separate orders for the specials you'd like to get)

Same Day Orders (by phone order only)

We accept orders via phone on most pickup days (Wednesday through Saturday--dependent on in-shop traffic). Both full-size pies and mini pies are available to order over the phone.

We cannot put anything "on hold" over the phone. The only way we can hold something is to place an order and pre-pay for it over the phone. Please be prepared to provide payment and a minimum pickup time of 60-90 minutes after taking your order.

We will cease taking same-day orders at 12:30 pm. available! (via Goldbelly)

We ship nationwide on Goldbelly! Please visit our Goldbelly page (opens in a new window) to find out all the details about ordering pies to ship across the country.